32nd Annual GSDI Conference & Expo

Sarah  Heger, Ph.D. University of Minnesota

Compaction: The Enemy of System Longevity

Changing Water Use

Anaerobic vs. Aerobic Treatment

October 18, 2018 Soils Identification Program with Joe Homer (Handouts)

Region R Field Indicators Version 8.0 with Errata 7.0-2018


30th Annual GSDI Conference & Expo

Monday, March 13, 2017 Presentations

Sara Heger, Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Wastewater 101
Inspecting and Troubleshooting Septic Systems
Installation Keys for Long Term System Performane - Cold Weather Focus

Peter Hanrahan, E.J. Prescott
Erosion Control Techniques and Installation


29th Annual GSDI Conference & Expo

Monday's presentations

 Best Practices for Pre-Cast Concrete Tank Inspections (Claude Goguen, P.E.)

Grease Traps and Interceptors: Matters of Design, Installation and Maintenance (Ray Gordon)

Trench and Confined Space Safety (David Berard)

Evaluating and Inspecting Enviro-Septic Systems (Presby Tech Team)

Wetland Buffers: The Impact of Changes in Legislation Impacting Wetland Buffers (Rick Van de Poll, Ph.D.

Presby EnviroFin Design and Installation (David Presby)

Identification of Vernal Pools and Directional Buffers...Andy Why They Are in Vogue among Many Towns (Rick Van de Poll, Ph.D.)

Tuesday's presentations

Septic Tank Lid Safety and Risers (Claude Goguen, P.E.)

Institutional Wastewater: Design and Installation Considerations (Eric Weinrieb, P.E.)

Ethics in Professional Practice (Melinda Gehris and I. Grace Garvey)

Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Drainfield Malfunction: Causes, Investigation, Prevention and Correction (Larry Earney)

Installer 101 (Thomas Canfield)

2016 Final Program 


The following are handouts created from our 2015 speaker presentations:
28TH Anual GSDI Conference & Expo

Monday's presentations

Gil Longwell, Meaningful On-site System Management

Shawn McCadden, How to Get Paid On Time, Every Time

Ray Gordon, Regulations for Grease Interceptors

Ray Gordon, On-site System Inspections

Rick Van de Poll, Recognizing Wetland Plants by Habitat Type (plant list)

Rick Van de Poll, Recognizing Wetland Plants by Habitat Type (presentation)

Tuesday's presentations

Jillian McCarthy & Lisa Lossigian, Soak Up the Rain (flyer)

Jillian McCarthy & Lisa Lossigian, Soak Up the Rain (presentation)

Shawn McCadden, You Sold It, Now You Have To Build It

Ray Gordon, Current Issues with Septage (part 1)

Ray Gordon, Current Issues with Septage (part 2)

Melissa Gehris & Irene Grace Garvey, Ethics in Professional Practice

Thomas Canfield, Tales from the Tailgate and the D-Box

Collis Adams, NHDES Wetlands Program Rulemaking and Process Improvement


Mary Ann Tilton, NHDES Wetlands Program Rulemaking and Process Improvement


2014 Presentations:

Ted Diers: Draft Great Bay Nitrogen Non-Point Source Study

Ray Gordon:  Current Issues with Non-Dispersibles

Bill Ruoff:  Underground Safety and Damage Prevention Program

Tom Ballestero:  Soil Mounding Considerations for Septic Systems

Mike Sievert:  Designing & Building Septic Systems for Unusual Businesses: A Microbrewery

Al Frick:  University of Maine Chapter Engineers Without Borders (Dulce Vivir, Honduras Community Septic System)

Rob Tardif, Rich Schofield: Subsurface Bureau Update 2014

Jay Baas, Doug Smith, Brenda Hayward:  Inspector Panel Discussion

Tom Canfield, Gary Spaulding:  Remediation, Rejuventation, Rehabilitation and Recovery of EDAs in NH

Mike Robinson:  Heavy Equipment Maintenance






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